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Branding and Marketing

Marketing/Branding Strategy Going Into A Recession

Aiden Silvers December 28, 2022 40

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“When you’re choosing a qualified partner for this type of commitment, I strongly feel it’s important to make your decision based on the leader. At the end of the day this is a trust thing and the success of our relationship falls on my shoulders.”

A natural Leader & Entrepreneur, Aiden loves to hustle, and has a strong work ethic. “It’s all I do 24/7, because I am passionate about helping businesses reach their goals. It’s in my DNA, even as a kid I was always doing entrepreneurial things like selling lemonade.”.

Aiden is driven by Adversity. Severely physically disabled with a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). His muscles deteriorate overtime which has brought him to his current state. He has 24/7 Caregivers that help him with almost everything besides operating the business. With a life jam packed of Adversity, he claims his disability is less than 20% of that. “The toughest adversities are the ones most can’t see at face value”.

Aiden has built Green Marketing to roughly $500k annual revenue from his bed. He’s determined to take it “To a place of abundance in value for everyone involved with us”.

One of his first loves in life is STRATEGY. “I’ll forever be addicted to strategy and problem solving.”. Which is how he created most blueprints that our team executes on. “I’ve been in the industry long enough to identify the pain points and create systems that consistently fix them, over and over again.”.

With massive ambitions in life, his 1st priority is to make Green Marketing dominate as the #1 marketing partner in the industry. Onwards he looks to duplicate his systems and dominate other niches as Adversity Media. Followed by a huge leap into the world as a Public Figure. “My north star is redefining the definition of Adversity through Speaking Engagements, Authorship, and creating a humongous community of perseverance. In order to achieve these huge ambitions, I need an army of advocates. Therefore my Key Performance Indicator is building reputation. While most chase money, I chase legacy.”

Fun Facts:

– I am a huge fan of Anime and Japanese Culture.

– I have a girlfriend in the Philippines, and we’ve been together over 2yrs, while she’s worked for us over 4yrs. It’s a big goal of mine to bring her to the USA. – I was taken out of school in the 4th grade because my family didn’t believe in schooling. That’s some more of that Adversity I talked about. I’m COMPLETELY self educated, and have developed my knowledge through pure drive and will power.

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Aiden Silvers

Founder/CEO of Wheelistic Web Design, a Business Development/Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in the Green Industry. Passionate about having a real impact on the lives of others by putting assets and tools in place to reach goals consistently.

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