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Leadership Expert

David Anderson has been a founder and CEO of numerous companies over the last 25 years. These companies range from a marketing agency to a SaaS-based software company, a pub- lishing company and several real estate ventures. In these roles, David has had many successes and also his fair share of fail- ures. David has led his organizations through several mergers and acquisitions, growing businesses during excellent economic times, but also making the tough decisions that come during the not-so-excellent economic seasons. He’s done this all while trying to balance being present with a growing family and deal- ing with the many other curveballs life throws us.

David saw leadership at the highest levels while traveling the world working for two United States Presidents, served as a senior staffer on two presidential-appointed commissions and working and for a United States Congressman. He’s served on numerous community-based boards of directors and is currently on the global board of directors of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). David has been married to his wife Debbie for 23 years and has two sons.

In his first book, Leadership is Not a Title, David breaks down leadership, which is sometimes presented as complicated, into simple concepts all can relate to.

Robert Clinkenbeard


Growth Advisor

Robert was born in Nebraska but was raised, from a very early age, in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1999 Robert moved to Arizona to build a better life.

In 2001, Robert established Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) and grew the company to multiple States, a revenue of over $20MM and over 350 employees. In 2016 ILM was successfully sold to a global company and they were enthusiastic about continuing to hire him for his operations experience and growth mindset.

Robert is now the CEO of The Radix Group which has offices in Greenville, Phoenix and the UK. He is an entrepreneur, an author, senior leader in the Entrepreneur’s Organization and a four time Ironman. The Radix Group will transform performance by surrounding you with experts to build structure, accountability, and consistent execution He’s serviced on multiple boards of directors and is currently on the Eastern Regional Board of Directors of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) as an Area Director.

Robert has been married for ten years, to Faith, and is kept busy with five children ranging from 19 years old to 6 year old twins

In his first book, Ironman Mindset for Entrepreneurs, Robert takes about the firming up your vision, your mindset needed to work through challenges to achieve your goal, and the importance of surrounding yourself with coaches or mentors.

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