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Business Execution

One Hit Wonder

Kevin Kehoe December 7, 2021 104 5

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ONE HIT WONDER: The Real-Life                                                      Contact: Lori Ames

Adventures Of An Average Guy And                                      

Lessons He Learned Along The Way                                                 631-539-4558

By Kevin Kehoe                                                                                   or

Publisher: Izzard Ink Publishing                                                          Christina Czachor

Publication date: November 2021                                            

Price: $22.95 / trade paper                                                                631-539-4558

ISBN: 978-1-642-28072-2


Entrepreneur Shares Lessons Learned In Business, Life, Love, And Travel

Kevin Kehoe is a self-described average guy who has achieved the extraordinary through discipline, diligence, effort, and courage. In his autobiography, ONE HIT WONDER: The Real-Life Adventures Of An Average Guy And Lessons He Learned Along The Way, Kehoe tells of his successes and failures in a life that has spanned growing up in a large Irish Catholic household on Long Island, his aspirations to play pro football, his career as a successful entrepreneur and consultant, and his battle with cancer.

Kehoe’s adventures are written in thirty-seven chapters, each a separate event with some small insight about life, people, and business.  Readers will laugh and cry; some might even see themselves. Kehoe believes that everybody shares many of the same experiences over the course of a lifetime.  Despite inhabiting a planet crowded with more than seven billion people, there’s a fairly narrow range of human behavior that makes what happens in day-to-day life somewhat predictable.

“Without taking the time to examine who and what they are, and what they believe, people may shortchange themselves and miss out on the many opportunities life presents that can make one feel worthwhile and, ultimately, happy with themselves.  The unexamined life is a recipe for the alternative,” says Kehoe. 

Kehoe has a love for all things business.  When his daughter was seven, she defiantly pronounced, “You’re not the boss of me!”  He used an organizational flip chart from his consulting business to teach her, that yes indeed, he was the boss.  And he teaches readers that everybody works for somebody.

In 2013, Kehoe co-founded Aspire Software based on the belief that the landscape industry needed a completely cloud-based mobile platform. Prior to co-founding Aspire Software, he was a nationally recognized consultant for more than 35 years, including 26 years in the landscape industry at Three Point Group.  During that time Kehoe, who was widely known for his sales system and benchmarking expertise, provided practical advice to more than 250 landscape contractors in the areas of sales and financial management, budgeting, and pricing as well as merger and acquisition.

His friends describe him as a man who is humble and grounded with a clear sense of self, and who has used this ability and clarity to positively impact others and help them in their lives.  With humor and irreverence Kehoe shares glimpses into his personal life including daring escapades, marriage, divorce, parenting, friendships, regrets, and dreams.  He doesn’t hold much back.  Kehoe thinks deeply and takes people to places where they cannot go on their own.  When things are important, he goes all in.  He perseveres.  He is living proof that an ordinary guy can accomplish the extraordinary.

Told with humor and candor, ONE HIT WONDER is an uplifting read, drawing from a myriad of stories and anecdotes, that proves people have the power to determine their own fates by playing to their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

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About the Author

Kevin Kehoe has worked in the hotel, restaurant, business consulting, and software industries.  He co-founded Aspire Software based on the belief that the landscape industry needed a completely cloud-based mobile platform offering true, end-to-end functionality that was supported by a comprehensive customer success program. Prior to co-founding Aspire Software, he was a nationally recognized consultant for more than 35 years. Kehoe is a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook, Southern Methodist University, and ASU Thunderbird School.  He is a husband, father, and cancer survivor who loves motorcycles, playing golf, and surfing.

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Kevin Kehoe

Kevin Kehoe is the co-founder of Aspire Software and an industry veteran who has consulted with landscaping companies for over 30 years. Kevin has provided practical solutions, systems, and advice in the areas of sales management, financial management, budgeting, pricing and merger and acquisition – all with the goal of growth and profitability.

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